Ross Burns

Guitar, percussion

Ross Burns is a musician, performer, martial artist and teacher. Studying the guitar since a young age and training the Brazilian martial art form capoeira seriously since 2003 Ross has become a familiar face on Halifax stages as a guitarist, percussionist, dancer and front man. Whether it is with a pandeiro, zabumba, triangle, cuica or a guitar he is an integral part of Gypsophilia’s hard-driving, swinging sound.

Sageev Oore

Piano, keys, melodica, etc.

Sageev Oore is an award-winning concert pianist, composer and computer science professor. Since appearing in his teens as a soloist with Symphony Nova Scotia, Sageev has collaborated frequently with many outstanding Canadian artists. In addition to his inspired, virtuosic improvisations, Sageev’s multi-instrumental talent – on piano, Nord keyboard, accordion and melodica – adds a variety of textures to the band’s music.

Matt Myer


In 1992 Matt Myer struck a deal to be excused from elementary school choir on the condition that he join band in the seventh grade.  Since that time he has won an ECMA and a Juno with the Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra, and been involved with numerous Halifax groups, including Verbal Warnin’, Scott ‘n’ The Rocks, and the Synchronics. He has a well earned reputation as being one of the most versatile, hardest swingin’ musicians in Nova Scotia. Matt’s dynamic trumpet playing, hammond organ chops and composing/arranging skills have quickly made a deep impression on the group.

Nick Wilkinson


Rhythm guitarist Nick Wilkinson has studied gypsy jazz for a number of years, and travelled to France to attend the 2003 Django Reinhardt festival, where he played with some of the masters of the style.  Nick’s inventive compositions and his exciting, propulsive rhythm playing are the core of Gypsophilia’s sound.

Adam Fine

Double Bass

Like most post-modern musicians, Adam Fine enjoys playing in all traditions, drawing out the best materials from each to add to his bag of tricks. As such, Fine works regularly with dynamic improvisor Jeff Torbert, upstart klezmer band Der Heisser and singer-songwriter Norma MacDonald in addition to his dynamic and inventive bass work with Gypsophilia.

Alec Frith


Although formally trained as a bass player, Alec Frith was forced to give up playing bass temporarily due to health problems. During this time, his love for the music of Django Reinhardt inspired him to take up the guitar and develop a style of improvising combining jazz with his background in blues, reggae and funk. In addition to his work with Gypsophilia, Frith plays bass in roots-reggae band Verbal Warnin’ and guitar in the Synchronics.

Gina Burgess


In addition to her numerous accomplishments as a classically trained violinist, playing with Halifax’s Jubilee Quartet and Symphony Nova Scotia, Gina Burgess‘ superlative technique and keen ear make her a first-rate improviser. She has recently returned from Toronto where she studied swing, jazz and klezmer music. Gina is comfortable playing in numerous contexts, ranging from flamenco to indie to Cape Breton fiddle music. She has also shared the stage with hip hop artist Kanye West.