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Night Swimming

1. Boo Doo Down
2. Cake Walk
3. Insomniac’s Dream
4. Long Shadows
5. Deep Water
6. Dirty Circus
7. RitiB (Right In The In Between)
8. Jaurès
9. Night Falls And You Need Company

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01 Horska (A. Frith) *music video*
02 Bir Hakeim (A. Fine)
03 Oh My Oma (R. Burns)
04 Corentin Cariou (A. Fine)
05 Stickm (S. Oore)
06 Horska [Dub Remix] (A. Frith)

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01 Zachary’s Czardas
02 Bercy
03 Opa (War Gone Man)
04 Skirmish
05 Valse Povero
06 Montreal
07 Super Bowl Party
08 Goncourt
09 Damsel in Delight
10 Trick Wick
11 Vino Griego

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01 Agricola & Sarah (R. Burns) *music video*
02 Sa-ba-da-OW! (M. Myer)
03 Jewish Dance Party! (A. Fine)
04 Hietzing (R. Burns) *music video*
05 A Oha (S. Oore)
06 Chased (R. Burns) *live video*
07 You Make Time (N. Wilkinson)
08 Hietzing: The Lightning Round (R. Burns, M. Myer) *fan video*
09 Melostinato (A. Frith)
10 Legs Bounce (S. Oore)
11 Anything (R. Burns)
12 Coming Soon (A. Frith)

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Minor Hope

01 Gyre (A. Frith) *live video*
02 HIV Jump (D. Oore)
03 Sebo Psoriatic Psongs (D. Oore)
04 Nicole’s Song (N. Wilkinson)
05 Salle Verte (N. Wilkinson, A. Frith)
06 Will You Come on a Picnic? (D. Oore)
07 Special Shoes (N. Wilkinson)
08 kfeetz kfotz (D. Oore)
09 Vulnerable (D. Oore)
10 Minor Hope (D. Oore)
11 {Mental} / {Joy Theme} (D. Oore)
12 Ocelot (D. Oore)
13 A Suitcase Waltz (A. Fine, N. Wilkinson, R. Burns, A. Frith, S. Oore)